6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Limousine or Car Service
  • 09/6/18 11:55 AM
  • Siddik Yalcinkaya
  • Car Services

Questions You Should Ask a Care Service Agency

If you are hiring a limousine or car service, chances are it is for a special event and therefore you want everything to go smoothly. To get the most out of your limo or car service experience, it is important to keep a line of communication open. Getting as much information as possible from the service beforehand will help ensure that everyone is on the same page and that there will be no surprises before or after your ride.

Here are some questions to ask the limousine or car service before you book your ride:

Are the Drivers Properly Trained and Licensed?

This is an important question to ask in order to ensure your safety during your ride. If the drivers of the limousine/car service are not properly licensed and trained, it can be dangerous to get in a car with them. Most limousine and car services require their drivers to be fully licensed (often with a chauffeur’s license or permit) and go through extensive training to ensure a safe and reliable ride.

What Vehicles in Your Fleet are Available?

Asking what vehicles are available will make sure that you are not disappointed by the car or limousine once it arrives. This is especially important if you have a specific vehicle in mind and want to double check that is available for the day and time you need it. It may also be a good idea to ask to come check out the vehicle in person before you book it. This way you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and that it is a well-maintained vehicle.

How Many People Can Ride with You?

The car or limo you choose will come with a predetermined number for the maximum occupancy allowed in the vehicle. This number is the absolute maximum number of people that can be in the vehicle not taking your comfort into consideration. If you want to make sure everyone has their own space and enough room during the ride, ask how many people can comfortably ride with you. It’s good to know this number ahead of time so too many people don’t show up the day of the event and then can’t all fit comfortably in the car or limo.

How Are the Services Charged and What is Included?

Different limo and car services will charge customers for their rides based on different criteria. Some will charge based on the mileage and some may charge per hour. The way you’ll be charged may make a difference in your route for the day. If it is based on mileage you may want the most direct route or opt for more of a scenic route if you’re charged per hour.

Sometimes food and drink can be supplied during your ride as well possibly complementary or for an extra charge. Knowing what is and what is not included will also help prevent any surprises when you get your bill.

Should a Route be Planned Beforehand?

Depending on the car or limo service, they may want you to have a predetermined route that they can follow for the day. This is something you need to know ahead of time so you can plan it before the day of your car or limo ride. Some companies won’t require this and will be a bit more flexible with where you want to go so it is important to ask about this before your ride in case you need to plan your route.

Is the Limousine/Car Company Licensed and Insured?

Knowing whether or not the limo/car service is a licensed and insured company is very important. If they are licensed and insured you can be assured that they are an experienced and reliable service. Having insurance that covers the car, the driver and all of the passengers is also important in the case of an accident to ensure everyone’s safety.

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