Car Service vs. a Taxi
  • 02/6/18 12:11 PM
  • Siddik Yalcinkaya
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Differences Between a Car Service and a Taxi

While in NYC, a taxi is convenient for traveling shorter distances when you’re not on a tight schedule. But, if you are on a tight schedule and are trying to get to the airport to catch your flight for your business meeting, you shouldn’t leave that to chance if you can even find a taxi when you need one. When looking for transportation to the airport, consider the benefits of taking a car service rather than hailing a cab at the last minute.

Here are some benefits of calling a car service for your airport transportation:

Can Schedule Ahead of Time

With a car service, you can call and book your car well in advance before the day of your flight. You know that you’ll be rushing from work to the airport trying to catch your flight so doesn’t it make more sense to have a reliable ride set up beforehand? A car service will be waiting for you outside your office building ready to take you to the airport the quickest and most efficient way. They will have a planned route and will already be aware of the traffic and the best route to get you to the airport on time.

If using a taxi for airport transportation, you’ll have to rush out of work and attempt to hail a taxi, standing there wasting time. Once three full taxis pass by you, you start to worry if you’ll make it on time. That extra stress is unnecessary and can be eliminated by using a car service for reliable and easy transportation.

More Cost Effective

You’re sitting in the back of a taxi worried about your flight and you look up and see the meter getting higher and higher every minute you spend in the car. Even if it’s a short ride, with a meter you may be paying a pretty expensive price for your taxi ride, especially if there are detours or bumper to bumper traffic adding time and mileage to your ride.

Using a car service will come with a fixed price so that you are not surprised by how much you owe once you get to the airport. No matter what is happening on the hectic city roads, when you arrive at your destination, you are still paying the original fixed price.


Most importantly, you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable with a car service. Often times, in a taxi, you find yourself sitting in the back of a dirty and smelly car listening to the driver scream and yell at the inevitable traffic. This is not the best environment to try to prepare for a business meeting.

A car service will have a fleet of well maintained cars and professional drivers. A clean car, a reliable and qualified driver, and the peace of mind knowing that you’ll get to the airport on time will provide a great start to your weekend.

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