Different Types of Vehicles in a Car Service Fleet
  • 09/6/18 12:01 PM
  • Siddik Yalcinkaya
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Car Service Vehicles Uses

When considering hiring a car service, there will most likely be a fleet of different vehicles to choose from. When looking into car services for an event, this information will be something you should thoroughly research before choosing the right car service company for you. It is important to make sure that the company has a wide range of available vehicles to choose from, the vehicle you want if you have a certain one in mind and top of the line makes and models to ensure the best ride to and from your event.

Although each car service will differ in what vehicles they offer, here are some vehicles to expect from most car service’s fleets:

Stretch Limo

A stretch limo is your standard limo. This is a larger vehicle and is best used to transport a larger group of people to and from an event. Stretch limos are very classic and are often used for transportation to events such as proms and sweet sixteens/ birthday parties. This vehicle is luxurious and can be considered for many different events involving a larger group of people or even just two people looking for a more comfortable ride.

Classic Cars

Classic cars usually include older models of vehicles such as a Rolls Royce. These vehicles are used for very special occasions such as weddings or possibly a prom to give a vintage feel to the event and your arrival (and to provide a great photo op.)

Specialty Limos

Specialty limos are a little different from the classic stretch limos. When you think of these vehicles think of Hummer limos or Escalade limos. Although these limos provide the same spaciousness and luxury as a classic stretch limo, they add an extra flair and glamour to your ride and will be sure to turn heads at any event.

SUVs and Standard Town Cars

A standard SUV or town car is the classic staple vehicle of a car service. These vehicles are used for a smaller group of people to attend events that are not necessarily glamorous. An SUV or town car is often used for transportation to and from airports, to and from business meetings, or for a few people to attend a concert, sporting event, or night out on the town.

Minibuses/Coach Buses

For transporting a much larger group of people, a minibus or coach bus is the way to go. These vehicles will give your passengers all the space they need and enough room to feel comfortable throughout the ride. Like most of the vehicles in a car service’s fleet, these buses can be used for any event and are best for comfortably accommodating a larger group.

When you are making a choice for which car service to use for your next event, make sure to do some research on their fleet and what vehicles are available to you. Keep in mind what components of a car service are most important to you for that particular event and make sure to choose a vehicle that will meet all of your needs.

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