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Is it almost time for kick off? Or are you set on catching the opening act? If you and your buddies getting ready to experience a night at the stadium to see one of your favorite professional sports teams in action or maybe getting ready to rock out to your favorite band, you will want to party as hard as you can, while still being responsible of course. Well, All Island Car & Limo Service is here to make the night out even more fun for you and your friends. Attending sporting events and concerts has never been safer or more convenient! All Island Car & Limo Service is proud to offer special Event Pick Up Packages for all of your Summer outings!

Enjoy Live Sports or Music in Safe Style!

Whether you are in need of a safe, responsible driver, or want to get picked up from your event in style, All Island Car & Limo Service has you covered! You won’t need to worry about scheduling rides for a large group with one of our luxury town cars or limousines. There is also no need for you to designate a driver if you and your friends are enjoying some cocktails at the big game or concert. Our team of professional drivers will make sure you are promptly picked up from the stadium or concert venue, and get you and every member of your party home safe and sound!

Pre Gaming and Post Gaming at Their Finest!

By renting one of our luxury town cars or limousines, you can plan to tailgate the big game in absolute style. We are happy to pick you up early enough to hang out before the game or concert so you and your friends can relax and get your special event going long before kickoff or the opening act! Renting one of All Island Car & Limo Service’s cars is also a great way to keep the party going even after the final touchdown or third encore! Our chauffeurs are happy to drive you and your group around in style as you relax and recount the events of the big game or concert over some drinks from our fully stocked mobile bars in one one of our luxury limos!

The Big Game or Concert of a Lifetime is More Fun With a Group!

No one has to get left out if you are renting a vehicle from All Island Car & Limo Service. Be sure to buy a ticket for each of your best buddies, because our luxury limousines can accommodate a party of up to twenty people! If you are planning on getting tickets to the season at Citifield or seeing your favorite musical artist at the Nassau Coliseum, we will be happy to pick you, and all of your friends up in a timely, and safe manner. Another bonus? No need to worry about taking several cars to your chosen event. All Island Car & Limo Service is a great way to avoid those exorbitant parking fees!

Booking a car through All Island Car & Limo Service offers you and your friends peace of mind when attending a concert or sporting event. By hiring us, you are guaranteed to keep your event outing on schedule, completely safe, and most of all fun and memorable! Contact us today for a free quote about our concert and sporting event pick up packages!

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