Why it is safe to travel in East Hampton car service during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 06/4/21 11:42 AM
  • Siddik Yalcinkaya
  • East Hampton Car Service

We all understand that the primary principle to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic is to limit contact with others. However, if you need to make a journey on the off chance, protect yourself by having East Hampton car service from All Island Car and Limo Service. If you need to head off to someplace, go alone – do not share the vehicle with anyone. If you need to go with somebody, ensure that the individual does not have intense indications of respiratory ailment. Utilize a respirator or possibly a facemask. Ensure you have the contact details of the other travelers so you can find them if you discover you have an infection.

We at All Island Car and Limo Service understand that it is critical to remember that even though a vehicle is a sort of versatile isolation unit that permits you to limit contact with others traveling via car isn't hazard-free while traveling looking for food, medication, or different essentials. 

To make your journey safe and healthy, we have undertaken specific steps. We also request our customers to follow certain rules.


We understand that that you cannot abstain from coming into contact with others while heading off to someplace via vehicle. We consider preventive cleanliness measures. We sanitize every one of the surfaces you contact during the trip.

We undertake these sanitization measures seriously and appropriately sanitize the surfaces and objects you may touch inside or outside the car. We follow the sanitization standards as laid by health organizations to sanitize a vehicle.

Request to use facemasks 

Particularly if you are going with travelers and one of them is in danger of having exposure to an infected individual, utilize protective stuff, which means facemasks and respirators. An exemplary fabric facemask will not secure the wearer against the infection; however, it can fundamentally diminish the danger of the wearer contaminating others. However, a fundamental facemask is an indication of thought towards the others in the vehicle and can lessen the danger of contamination.

Filling securely 

If you need to head off to some place via car, the driver may need to purchase fuel. We instruct drivers to remember to be cautious about cleanliness at gas stations. Limit contact with the staff. Pick a self-administration filling station on the off chance that they can. After filling up the vehicle, they promptly wash their hands or possibly clean them with a hand sanitizer arrangement – we have an adequate quantity of these in your car.

So since you have your vehicle, course, and travel mates arranged, it's an ideal opportunity to think about your provisions. Masks, sanitizers, sanitizer wipes, disposable gloves, and bags for discarding utilized supplies are the primary that you need to pack. Given that you will hit public bathrooms and diners, make sure to pack in those latrine seat wipes. Carry sufficient food and water. It will help you limit your need to make stops.

If our customers collaborate with us, then our means and their effort will help us all have a safe and healthy journey using East Hampton car service from us at All Island Car and Limo Service.

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