Are you planning a family reunion? Even before answering, you may wonder why we a car and limo service provider is asking such a question. Well, if you are in the planning stage of a family reunion, you need to think about the means of transportation for your family members, especially those coming from outside and landing at the nearest airport. That is where we at All Island Car and Limo Service come into the picture. There are many transport organizations in Westhampton claiming to offer the best car service; however, people depend on us to have the best Westhampton car service.

Let us see the reasons why people rely on us to have professional car service in Westhampton.

Professional service

How would your guests feel when they find the car interior full of trash and dirt? Obviously, it would not be a pleasant experience. That is what cars from other transport organizations in Westhampton look like. However, such incidents will never happen when your guests are with us. Your guests will not find a chance to complain about the cleanliness of the car.

Our chauffeurs are truly professional. They are courteous and friendly too. You can expect that your guests will have a pleasant experience from the moment our chauffeurs greet and welcome them to the car. On the way to your house, they will show your guests places of tourist interest where they can be after the family reunion.

Nothing can be more pleasant to travel in a car when driven by a local chauffeur. They know about the traffic pattern and alternative routes so that your guests will not lose a single moment after our chauffeurs take charge of transporting them.

No hidden fees 

It will never happen that when you book our Westhampton car service any hidden fees will astonish you or your guests at the end of the trip. When you book our car service, you can pay the fare upfront and that will be the only cost to bear. We are transparent about our fares and the quote that we offer gives a detailed breakdown of the fare. So, you know what you are paying for. So, people rely on us not only to have professional service but also to have the best services at a competitive price without any hidden charges. This is one of the many reasons why we are a reputed and trusted ground transportation provider in Westhampton for the last twenty years.

Cleanest cars

If you hire cars from other transport organizations in Westhampton, it is for sure that your guests will notice signs of use, age, and the nights that previous renters have spent in the car. However, it is a different story with our cars. All our cars are well-maintained and properly cleaned and sanitized. We take special care to clean and sanitize our cars after each ride.

We can loosen our stand on sanitizing a car as the COVID-19 virus has not left us completely and new strains are always developing. Our chauffeurs are vaccinated and cars sanitized following the guidelines laid due to the pandemic. We only offer clean and sanitized cars making the ride feel even more luxurious.

We try to offer reliable and luxurious car services in Westhampton and look forward to serving you and your guests in near future.

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